2018 Mazda CX-8

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I posted a picture of the CX-5 to show how similar it is to the new CX-8.
Not the CX-9, like some sites are mentioning.

The new CX-8 is a 7 seat version of the CX-5, not a slightly shorter version of our CX-9.

And it is strictly for Japan.
Since it is a smaller 7 seater, and we already have the more “American sized” CX-9 over here.

I think they might end up selling this in Europe as well. Who knows…

Forget the CX-8. What we need here is the gorgeous CX-4. Which came out last year, and is still a “China only” model.

This really looks terrific. Yet, not for us.
(No one really knows what the stupid reason is for that one….)

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  1. I agree

    I want the CX-4. What is Mazda's rationale for not bringing it to the U.S.? anybody know? The SUV cum sports car without as much utility could be a great sub-segment of SUVs.

  2. When I'll tell you their rationale, you'll roll on the floor laughing. I've read comments from Mazda brass that they don't want to compete with their other CUVs, SUVs so let's just keep it in China. In the meantime Mazda sales are flat as a pancake, so logically let's stay away from the hottest segment on the market and make sure we don't clog up are dealerships with those dreaded CUV_SUV things that everyone hates. That's after their people said it was a new segment vehicle designed to compete with the Outback.. Forgot to tell them that the Outback isn't even sold in China. I and a lot of others would stand in line to get this vehicle, but the brain dead Mazda marketing department knows better.

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