2018 Suzuki Jimny: The new Samurai

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The second generation Jimny was sold here as the Suzuki Samurai.
And it was quite popular. With a starting price of just $ 6200. 
We never had the 3rd generation which came out in 1998. And we are, of course, not getting the upcoming 4th generation pictured here.
Too bad. I think there is still a market for a small “sub Wrangler” 4X4 in the US.
Maybe even more than ever.
This looks like the same formula from the 80’s: simple, cheap, and cute.

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  1. Too bad indeed. The Wrangler pricing has gotten absurd. Of course, the Wrangler is a fairly substantial vehicle, and we can expect this to fold like an accordion in a collision.

  2. It'c called JIMNY, not Jimmy…check your spelling please, otherwise great blog and great content.

  3. GM should just go contract it out under the GMC brand. GM has done that with all their subcompact vehicles in the past.

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