2018 Tesla Model 3

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HERE it is. The ultimate drive in a new Tesla Model 3.
In exclusive 100% pure “BurlappVision”. Basically, the best way to enjoy the new EV.
Until many, many years from now, when you can actually get one.

So far, Tesla has claimed they will reach 20 000 units a month by December.
But they also say if you order now, you will be able to get one in 2018.

Which does not add up. Since at a rate of 20 000 a month it would take over 2 years, jut to fill the pre-orders they already have. That’s not even counting the ones they will have in the next two years.

I have no idea how they could actually deliver cars from new orders in 2018….
They also claim to produce about 500 000 cars a year , starting in 2018!
(Which would mean a lot more than 20 000 a month)

The Model S and X are selling about 100 000 for both. Nobody is actually predicting a huge growth for any of them since they’ve both been out for a while.
That means the Model 3 alone would sell 400 000 units a year?
That is a crazy prediction. It would be more than the Camry or Accord!
I really cannot see the Model 3 all of a sudden becoming the best selling sedan in the US.

But who knows. Who though, just a few years ago, they would sell around 30 000 units a year of the model S… Which almost twice as many S-Class units Mercedes sold in the US last year.

We’ll see…

You can also see the Model 3 Video HERE . I guess you have the choices of larger sizes directly from YouTube.

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