2018 VW Jetta

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This is the all new VW Jetta for 2018. (Or 2019??)
We will see the real thing this fall, probably at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Jetta has always been a big deal for VW in the US. Although now, the new Tiguan and upcoming T-Roc might overshadow it in our current SUV crazy world.

With the all new model, the Jetta is finally moving to the MQB platform. And it will be powered by the new 2.0 Liter engine used in the new Tiguan. This engine replaces the 1.8 Liter Turbo.
Not sure if all Jettas will use the 2.0 Liter, or if the base model will still use the 1.4 Liter Turbo.
(A more powerful 2.0 will still power the GLI version.)

The new design does look nicer. Even in the base version pictured above.
It also seems a bit larger…

I am actually very curious to see better pictures, of a more upscale version.
I guess that’s coming very soon….

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  1. The back subtly reminds me of a Skoda Superb, but, despite it, the Jetta has definitely grown up!

  2. Sonata came to mind as well. Proof that their last generation meant to appease their Korean market was WAY to conservative.

  3. Side is a Fusion, mixed with a Malibu, mixed with the previous-gen Chrysler 200. Rear is the previous-gen Sonata. Yikes. Very yikes.

  4. I guess Volkswagen is making amends for the emissions scandal by showing they believe in recycling- recycling other company's designs. I suppose Ford and Hyundai should feel complimented.

  5. That actually appears to be a Passat. The way you can tell is by looking at the c-pillar. The jetta's c-pillar ends with the rear passenger door while the Passat has a small window cutout behind the door.

  6. I know it looks pretty big. But the schedule is wrong for the new Passat. While the new Jetta is due out before the end of the year.

    I think it 's actually amazing we haven't seen any spy photos of prototypes driving around of this…
    They did a great job keeping it away from cameras.

  7. Actually spy photos of Jetta prototypes have been appearing online since June. And as far as what the Jetta looks like, pretty much every new vehicle looks like every other new vehicle. Some just do it better.

  8. Could it be a just for China vehicle? It's butt ugly, and historically the Jetta is similar to the golf mechanically and stylistically.

  9. Sorry. But not. This is it…

    The Jetta used to be a Golf with a trunk. But while the current Golf has moved years ago to the modern MQB platform, the current Jetta still uses the previous generation's platform. So it has almost nothing to do with the current Golf.
    But for 2018, the Jetta finally moves to MQB. (same as the Golf) But still gets its own design and interior.

  10. Not bad even with the huge rear overhang. I'm sure it will age gracefully like most VW designs – which is a good thing because it probably won't see another re-design for close to a decade. Interested in seeing the GLI trim.

    I could maybe see myself leasing a new GLI someday. Would never own one, or any German car for that matter, long term or even past the manufacturer's warranty.

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