2018 VW T-Roc

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I have to say, this is one of the nicest looking VW I have seen in many years.
Engaging and fun.

Interior is OK. I am not crazy about color plastic bits. Unlike the Beetle, this just looks like an after though (“Hey it’s pretty serious in here, let’s color this, and that…”)
And, at least on the pictures, it looks like an ocean of hard black plastics.
(To be fair, this is the case in most of its competition.)

This will be competing in the same class as the HR-C, CX-3, new Rogue Sport and “poor old outdated ” Ford EcoSport.

Engines in Europe will include a top of the line Diesel with 190hp.
Not sure what we will be getting here.
Or even when we are getting this (If at all…)

It usually takes VW up to 2 years to bring their new modes to the US.
Let’s hope someone in charge at VW USA speeds up the process…

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  1. It's based on the Polo.
    And I hate the fake grills, just like the Civic and F-Pace. Can't the designers come up with anything better?

  2. It's based on the Golf. The one that will be based on the Polo will be the T-Cross (which will be very similar to the Seat Arona).

  3. It looks great. Why does VW hate the US so much? We can't get the smaller Tiguan and we can't get the T-ROC? Oh and we get other models 2-3 years after they're introduced in Europe. I don't get it.

  4. 2Rafael Ramos Vagnes
    Both the Golf and the Polo are based on the MQB platform, but according to Wikipedia the "T-Roc…uses the MQB A1 platform of the SEAT Arona and Volkswagen Polo".

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