2018/19 Lexus ES

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I think all generations of the Lexus Es have led pretty well.
They were alas pretty nice looking, in a rather conservative way.
It seems that Lexus does know what it is doing with the ES, and they never messed it up (Unlike the RX)
It looks like the same goes for the next generation.
Sure, it does have that big mouth many love to hate. But the recipe seems the same: a smaller LS.
This time a bit more aggressive.

And of course, we all know that these types of sedans sell a bit less than before. But most of them are still around.
Like the ES, but also the Avalon, the Kia Costanza, Buick LaCrosse etc…
Lexus sold over 58 000 units of the ES last year. So there is money there.

And unlike BMW and Mercedes who can charge you up to over $60 000 for a 4 cylinder, Lexus will keep the V6 standard.

Good for them.

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  1. Some sites mention the New York Auto show. But these prototypes look ready to go.

    For my part, I would say Detroit in January. Or maybe even L.A in November.
    The also have that small SUV (replacing the CT) and a 3 row version of the RX coming out in 2018. So they're pretty busy…

  2. Hi Vince.

    I always like the ES…in fact I might get current one this week…the RX is another story….I was waiting for it to come out …. and BAM! it is horrible…it is like the Lexus designers got together, smoked some meth…drank some GHB….watched 1960's godzilla movies until catatonic….and then designed the current RX….anyway…I digress….

    This looks good so far unless maybe the car is covered in vulgar plastic accents…


  3. I am in the market for a luxury midsize sedan but just cannot look past the "
    predator mouth" shape from end! Totally disgusting looking to me. Not sure why Lexus felt the need to go radical in their front end design. I am looking at the BMW 540xi and the Merecedes E Class M model sedans. But I like the reliability of a Lexus but like many buyers; looks is still number one criteria in picking out cars. Lexus has it all but the front end. Acura made their TL model even more hideous with their pentagonal shape black diamond front grill. Just cannot believe Acura hyped it so much and looks so bad! Infiniti has no midsize entry. The Red Q50 is compact size and the Q70 is between midsize and full size.

  4. hi vince….the big mouth on this is starting to remind me of the 1960's austin healys….what do you think?

  5. These cars had more of an oval shape grille.
    The Lexus design reminds me more of the Predator.

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