BMW Z4 Concept

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We all know the new Z4 is pretty much ready to go. So I am not sure why BMW would even show a concept.
Same thing with the new 8 series.
These concepts are probably just a bit nicer looking than the production models. Just enough to make the production ones a bit lame.
Either show the real thing or show a real concept.

Still, this looks really nice. I see a bit of a “Cascada” shoulder line…
Which actually does look great on the Opel/Buick. So why not…

More on this very soon…

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  1. The upswept side sculpting looks more like the mid-1990s Alfa Spider. And what's with the stacked headlights? Very un-BMW like.

  2. I think the concept looks great in this view. No matter for me though,as this promises to be way over my budget and way under my necessary seating capacity.

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