Mitsubishi Delica Concept

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 Apparently, Mitsubishi isn’t yet ready to show us the full production model yet (after 10 years)
So what we see here might still be a concept version.

The Delica is legendary in many countries (not the US obviously), and this will be the 6th generation.
It pretty much as an image similar to the VW bus.

But that current Mitsubishi ghastly front end design ruins everything it is on.
And this one might be the worst version ever.
I mean this just looks like a cartoon version of a car/van. And old at the same time.

Things are better in the back, where the design tries to stay a bit closer to the current generation.
(But they still had to add a bit of that stupid “floating roof” design cue, didn’t they…)

Here is the current 10 year old design.

I would seriously advise Mitsubishi to save their money and keep this one for a few more years.

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  1. Part of the Delica's appeal has always been how crazy it looks. It looks like it has the ground clearance and approach/departure angles of an SUV (like the Pajero) but the functionality of a van. Kind of like a 4×4 Sprinter van or the first-gen Mazda MPV, it has that tall, squared-off, off-road van thing going for it.

    I actually think the back end looks good. Kind of like a Renault, but more square. The whole design looks more like an SUV than the current model, which could be just a Minivan with a lift kit. May seem silly but then again some Americans seem to love putting 2-foot lift kits on their trucks (or Crown Vics)…

  2. I actually love the new design, as someone else mentioned it reminds me of the old Mazda MPV "sport utility van" as it was marketed at the end of its RWD/AWD life. The only thing I hate is that it will stay very far from the US market.. they should actually try selling it here, considering how little else they have in their lineup (3 crossovers on the exact same wheelbase and a substandard subcompact).

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