Of course greedy Marchionne wants to sell Chrysler off to the Chinese…

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First, I am not against anything being owned by a Chinese company.

But I still think selling off Chrysler to a Chinese company, just so Mr Marchionne and his rich friends can make a quick buck, is really sad.
He doesn’t care bout the brands or their history. Or cars for that matter.

He has been trying to sell Chrysler for years. Even pretending GM or VW were interested.
Now of course, newly rich Chinese companies are interested.
Which means that a huge chunk of Chrysler would be actually owned by the Chinese state (As it is still a Communist country)

What will happen to all these FCA brands?
Will the Chinese “investors” actually be a good thing for Chrysler? (Volvo seems to be thriving)
Is is ALL about shareholders now?
What do you think of this???

Head over HERE for more on the possibility…
(Seems that so far, Geely, Great Wall, DongFeng and more are interested and setting up meetings.)

Apparently Alfa would not be part of these deals and would return to the Agnelli family.
Which means they might not have the cash to stay in the US..

What a mess…

I wonder what Lee Iacocca thinks of this…

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  1. Vince,

    Not to make fun of you or anyone, but please reread what you write. Some of it doesn't make sense.

    He doesn't care bout the brands of their history. Or cars for that matter. -> He isn'r concerned at all with the brand's heritage or history as an American brand.

    Which means that a huge chuck of Chrysler would be actually owned by the Chinese state (As it is still a Communist country)
    –>Change chuck to chunk.

  2. Why shouldn't it be about the shareholders? After all, they're the ones investing their money into the company, which allows it to conduct the business of developing and selling cars which in turn keeps the company in business to attract more investment. And so on and so on. But unless FCA develops a diverse portfolio of vehicles to attract as wide a range of buyers as possible (Rams, Jeeps and Hellcat variants only go so far), how long will that "and so on and so on" go on?

  3. Of course shareholders should be rewarded.
    But the goal of a company should include a long term vision. Not just money "right now".
    Marchionne's idea was just to get Chrysler and sell it back to a profit as soon as he could. Not making good cars that sell, so the company grows.

  4. The Jeep brand has most to lose if the American lineage is lost. I would see GM, which is flush with cash, yet still smarting over losing the Hummer brand, try for a one off purchase of the Jeep brand. Chrysler/Dodge would be easy picking for a Chinese brand, which mostly need the dealer and regional footprint. RAM may go Chinese as well. The Italian brands, well that's anyone's guess.

  5. not really greedy, Sergio is an asshole of the highest order, as known by many. He couldn't care less about anyone. It's a sinking company, he's bailing!

  6. All of a sudden all Dodges and Chryslers will have even more massive discounts as dealers drop the brands.

    What about Fiat?

    – FusioptimaSX

  7. I would think Geely would be the logical buyer here. They have great designers and already do business here. Lynk & Co. loks awesome. Volvo is having an uptick. I think they could Help Chrysler, Dodge, and Fiat…maybe even expand Ram. As long as they can not mess up Jeep….

  8. It might work out better for Chrysler. There is little Chrysler presence in China and the Chinese might go for Chrysler products, especially the 300 and Pacifica. Buicks are huge over there and this might be a way for Chrysler to reinvent itself to a market that is not familiar with them.

  9. People against this move need to consider that either Chrysler / Dodge wither and die due to pitiful product depth, innovation, QC and dated products -OR- they get a chance of success under different ownership.

    Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep / Ram haven't been 'American' companies in almost 20 years.

  10. Ever see those Ram commercials with the old WWII and dragging the old plane into the hanger?

    Nothing says "Merica" like an Italian company incorporated in the Netherlands, run by a Canadian.

    To the old guy in that Ram commercial. I guess you are so proud to take a dump on WWII vets to whore for a company that has very little to do with the USA.

  11. Sad.

    China isn't our friend, people. They're a communist state; one corrupted by vast wealth and cleverly in the process of buying up assets in capitalist countries that have had their manufacturing base destroyed by cheap, state subsidized labor and business.

    Fitting, I think. They play a very long game.

    That said, I wouldn't buy a car made in China, or owned by a Chinese company (sadly, looking at you, Volvo).

    But how much horsepower will the 2020 Dodge Challenger Dragon have?

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