VW ID Buzz coming in 2022

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This is now the third time (or is it 4th??)  VW is teasing us with a modern version of the Microbus.
All looked great. None were ever approved for production.
Now they claim this is it. We are really, really making this one.
In 4 years!
4 years is a long time. Long enough for VW to change their mind about it. Multiple times.
So I will believe it when I see prototypes of the production model testing around.
The concept has an EV range of 270 miles. While a Molde 3 can already get over 300 miles. Right now, not in 4 years.
This needs to be out in 2 years with a 400 miles range. (Is that too much to ask???)
Otherwise, sure it looks great.
Inside and out. I though at first the interior was too crazy. But since VW showed us this concept, Tesla came out with the Model 3 and its crazy simple interior.
So this doesn’t look undoable anymore…
If it turns out 80% like the concept it will be great.
But, like I said, 4 years is a very long time. Anything can happen…

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  1. At this point does anyone other than baby boomers even remember the original or care about a modern version of it. They missed the boat on the retro craze by 15 years, and like you said, too many false starts for anyone to put any hope into this. Also this interior is not very appealing. The touch screen looks like a complete afterthought.

  2. It seems like a poor idea today for 5 years out. I am sure in 5 years this will be just another dusty memory of VWs' periodic attempts to pique our interest in a fading car company with promises and more promises but promises never kept.

  3. VW has been teasing retro bus concepts since the 90s. In the time they've been talking about reviving the VW bus, people have been born, grown up, learned to drive, gone to college, graduated, and had children of their own. It was a novel idea once, but even if they launch it showrooms tomorrow, I just don't give a damn anymore. VW really missed the bus on this one. Literally.

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