What could have been: Mazda Miata

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 These are a few of the claim models that were built for the current  Miata.

As you can see, there was a pretty strong will to adopt the same grille as other Mazda models.
The final design ended up ditching the regular Mazda grille for a more “Miata like” front end.

I think most of these look really nice, even with the grille.

Just as a reminder, here is what they ended up with.
Showing a real effort to keep the Miata design separated from the other Mazda models.

It looks really good no matter what.
Mazda seems to have been on a roll for years, and they never mess up the Miata design.

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  1. I think they watered down the design of the 3rd gen way too much from the original looks of the Ibuki concept. But I love this 4th gen.

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