Which generation is your favorite Toyota Supra?

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For a while, there was always a Supra.
From 1978 to 2002 to be precise.

The first two generations were basically a Celica with a 6 cylinder engine.
It was pretty much just a luxury version of the super popular Celica.

But starting with the 3rd generation, it became its own car.
And the 4th one was the sportiest. (really too bad about that horrendous looking wing)

I always liked the 1st generation. It did have a luxury look compared to the Celica.
I also liked the design of the second generation Celica. And the Supra was then almost the same looking car.

I guess if I had to actually get one now, I might get the 3rd generation. A very nice, unassuming car.

I actually found a few HERE, HERE, HERE. And THERE
That last one only has around 46 000 miles! Plus a cool dark red velour (velour!) interior…

So what is YOUR favorite Supra?

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  1. Second gen, definitely. When it came out it looked like nothing else (except for the Celica…).
    First gen looked dated even when it was new. The third gen never made anyone look twice. The fourth was heavy and unreliable. Sure, you could boost the engine to amazing levels, but the bottom end would fail very shortly. Even stock ones suffered from piston slap and needed a rebuild (or a trip to the junk yard) before the odometer rolled over.

  2. Silver and second from bottom are the nicest. The spy pics and last generation seem to be overkill.
    I really wish Nissan would do their homework and recreated their 240 SX and Z. As nice as the GTR is it aged and no many are buying it.

  3. Gen 2. I liked Gen 1 when it first came out but Gen 2 was a huge step forward and has stood the test of time design-wise.

  4. the Gen.2 !…..my friend had one in the late 1980's (used) and he was doing all sorts of performance mods to it. Took me for a ride a few times, loved the v6 with manual tranny, the sound it made, acceleration, looked cool. What i didnt like so much was the stiff ride, the all black and dark cave interior, lots of cheap plastic jittering around as he drove us around.

  5. I learned how to drive manual on my father's 3G 86.5 Supra, but am actually partial to the 4G model. I am glad they are reviving it. I wish Honda would do the same with the Prelude.

  6. 2!!!

    I appreciate 3 for vegetable fact it had a look not shared at all with the Celica.

    But 2 is just my favorite

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