2018 Genesis G70

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It does look nice and upscale.
But also like a blend of everything else.

Mostly a cross between Infiniti Q50 and Lexus IS. With a few lines added here and there.
Interior is also very generic.

And I am getting tired of that “satin” finish everywhere. I think it’s time for something new.
Also the tablet style screen is still the laziest design idea in the past decade.
A few brands include it successfully into the dash design. Why not even try?  Again, time for something new…

Overall, for my taste, I prefer the Kia Stinger a lot more.
I understand Hyundai needs to fill the Genesis line up with more models, so I guess this works in that respect.
Not being from a “luxury” brand, the Kia will probably also be quite a  bit cheaper…

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  1. The G70's biggest sin is the front end, which is far too similar to Hyundai's more pedestrian models like the Sonata and the Elantra. What was Hyundai's reason for creating Genesis if all the cars are going to look like Hyundais?

  2. Simply gorgeous. But would it impress the snubs? I do not think so. They will find something to bitch about.

  3. The exterior reminds me of the old Suzuki Kizashi and the interior of the Chrysler 200 a little too much.

  4. The sedan no one wanted from the brand no one knows exists as a stand alone. And they still can not integrated the sensor array any better than that clear plastic piece in the middle of the grille? Quit dicking around Hyundai and give as a Genesis division with a halo Genesis Coupe and luxury SUV. Everyone knows sedan sales are plummeting. And where are the electric powertrains?

  5. It will make similar size and class sedans from other "luxury" carmakers that much less relevant. For example the utterly boring looking 3 series how many yawns does it cause from 0-60 mph?

  6. I know I'm ancient and that quilted seat surface is what everyone's going to, but in the back of mind I hear a scream from the past that says J.C.WHITNEY!

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