2018 Volvo XC40

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Looks like Volvo did quite an amazing job translating last year’s concept into the production XC40.
(Production model is the top picture)
I though the camouflaged prototypes were still hiding a concealed rear door handle but I was obviously wrong.

So far, this looks really good, and should be quite a hit for Volvo.

More on the all new XC40 very, very soon…

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  1. The production are nicer than the concept. Can't wait to drive this and possibly buy one. I think much better design job than the XC60.

  2. Nice looking, except for the ugly back end, which is pretty much what everyone else is doing. Yawn.

  3. Not sure what is going on with the auto industry and these horrendous pillar design thing. It's an eye sore especially on this car.

  4. Well, it was not much of a "Concept" really… Just a smoothed-out preview version of the production car. Which is sadly what most "concepts" are these days.

  5. It just goes to show that there are no excuses why "close o production" concepts can't look like that once released. If Volvo can do this,. much larger companies like VAG, BMW or Hyundai/Kia should be able to do so too…

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