BMW X7 Concept

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I was wrong earlier.
When I mention the X7 Concept would be a 25% better looking design than the upcoming production model.

I had to be wrong.
As there is no way BMW can come up with something worse than this .

This is so wrong and ugly, in so many ways. A total visual nightmare.
What a mess.

It looks like one of these horrible and cheap Chinese copy of an SUV. Something people would laugh at if it didn’t have a BMW logo on it.
No amount of added chrome bits can make this look luxurious.

This is just a new pinacle for “cheap and vulgar”. I mean just stare at that ghastly front end for a minute. It doesn’t even look real…

Actually, in that way, this is quite an amazing achievement….

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  1. "Quite an amazing achievement" Hilarious, Vince.
    They had to work hard to create such dissonance in those exterior design elements.
    When I look at something like this, I try to imagine what the rendering looked like that sold the rest of the team on the direction…. and then try to imagine what went wrong.
    This BMW looks like the following possible scenarios:
    A. 2 renderings with conflicting themes were laid over each other and combined, evidenced by both the vertical and the angled elements just behind the front wheels… or
    B. Some high level marketing executive demanded the incorporation of those vertical elements on each corner, and behind the front wheels, come hell or high water. "I don't care if they don't fit, they are the latest trend and we have to have them!" … or
    C. The design team was way behind schedule and the pulled out the work done on this SUV ten years ago, and had some intern attempt updating it… then the non-design oriented marketing executive rushed it through the "just git 'er done" process…. or
    D. The design team really hated this project, and got drunk….. and the execs just love it….

  2. Compared to the pure beauty of the Mazda X4 this thing is a vulgar outdated panzer. Germans need to rethink they design way

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