How about more pictures of the Mazda CX-4

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I know it’s cruel, but I can’t help it.

Cruel because the CX-4 is only sold in China.
And I can’t help it because I think this is the best looking Mazda.

Being a ” CX-4″, it would actually be cheaper than the $25 000 CX-5.
Which means, this great design would be available at a great price too!

How sad is that…..

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  1. Funny, I was just configuring the all new Jaguar E Pace, and thought to myself that it would be so much nicer to save if they offered the CX-4 for here.

    I have a feeling it will come here within 24 months.

  2. That is just plain mean, Vince. I feel the same way you do about that vehicle and if imported I think it would inspire competition in a new segment – hot looking SUVs – that would be a hoot to obsess about.. A Journey that looks like a Viper; an Equinox that looks like a Vette and so on. Use your influence and make it happen.

  3. Mazda marketing is pathetic. Just about no one who has seen the CX4 has said anything but that it's great looking and why isn't it here. But the brain dead people at Mazda continue this delusion that they have more than enough SUV options and adding another would just compete with their other models. Of Course, every other manufacturer is falling all over themselves to add more suvs to their lineups. Gee, they don't seem to mind creating more competition. Rogue vs. Rogue Sport, Kona, Stonic, Compass, you name it. Oh well, I was going to trade in my Mazda 6 for a CX4 as I couldn't believe it wouldn't be sold here. Thanks for educating me, Mazda to the uselessness of the CX4 here. I'll be shopping the competition like the Rogue Sport, Elantra GT, etc.

  4. The head clearance in the CX-4 would be minimal. This was designed for shorter drivers, mainly Asians. This is the reason why it is not coming to North America.

  5. Mazda needs to be careful not to cannibalize its other CX models. The CX-5 obviously makes a lot of sense for a lot of people, (sold 112k in 2016.) But, The CX-3 sold 18.5k and the CX-9 only 16k. So would the CX-4 net add or net subtract to existing sales? What say you Vince?

  6. With FCA going to a crossover/SUV dominated lineup for their US brands, this type of sportier crossover that emphasizes style over function would seem to be a good fit for the Dodge brand.

    I'm not sure how the CX-4 would affect Mazda's other crossovers if it were brought to the US, but I think it would definitely take a huge bite out of sales for the brand's car products (Mazda3 and Mazda6). I see it appealing more to people who prefer a car, but might appreciate the improved utility of a vehicle like this.

  7. It wouldn't HAVE to be cheaper than the CX-5. Mazda should bring it to the state with the Outback (and above) as its primary targets. That would mean higher trim level and quality, potentially larger engines. From what I hear, the CX4 should get the 2.5L Turbo, and the CX-9 isn't doing well because of its engine and price for the trim quality. CX-9 should get a 6cyl and higher trim to justify the $40+K pricetag. CX-4 should fill in that gap in the $30-36k range.

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