More on the new 2018 Nissan Leaf

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A few new bits on info:
-Higher end model with more range coming next year.
-Regular charging still takes 16 hours. 8hrs on a 6kH hour charger. 
-Quick charge option can charge 80% in 40mn.
So it is an improvement, but no breakthrough.
But, because it is still using a lot of the old car, the profit margin should be much higher than before.
So, a big win for Nissan no matter what…

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  1. There's a lot of changes imo: new motor & battery, new tech (autopilot, e-Pedal, assist systems), sound windshield deadening improvements, new seats, 0.8" wider, 1.2" longer, changed interior and exterior. You can certainly can tell models apart (which you can't always tell for all redesigns, e.g. Audi/BMW,…).

    That said range is still bit short but that's why it's cheaper than Bolt/3.

  2. 400KM is from the Japanese test cycle which calculates things differently than in the US.

    The official US range is 150miles..

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