More pictures of the Chinese Buick Excelle wagon

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The more I see this, the more I actually like it.

I think this would make a great little brother to the upcoming Regal TourX in the US.
Competing mainly with the rather popular VW Golfwagen.

It looks pretty good, has a very nice (Opel Astra) interior. Why not?

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  1. This exact car would be a major hit in Quebec province, against the Golf, why GM Canada is too inapt to import specific products for our market??? This is an Astra wagon, I'm sure it's already made to meet Canada legislation.

  2. Just call it the Buick SmartTREK, raise it up a couple inches, add some gray plastic cladding around everything, plus AWD and watch them fly off the shelf as it gives Encore buyers something to choose other than the Envision.

  3. Just for clarification, this car isn't a wagon version of the new Astra, which does have a wagon variant. The Excelle seems to float between a couple platforms in China, but this is a separate car from the European Astra that is imported as well. This car may be on a china-specific platform.

  4. The interior is not the same with the one in Astra. Looks more like the one in Insignia (Regal) but it's not exactly the same either. Might be unique for this model.

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