“New” Nissan Leaf: Not ALL new…

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It’s actually fine, since most people won’t be able to tell.
Except maybe for some current owners . Who will notice the same door panels inside. And similar switches.
The windows are also exactly the same.

But with clever design cues outside. So it does seem different.
Which is actually pretty smart.

This is pretty much what Ford has been doing for a long time. Like with the 2010 Mustang.
Which was new panels on top of the 2006. (All glass was also the same)

The whole thing does look much more angular, and more in line with the other Nissan designs.

But, you know Nissan will advertise this as “all new”….

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  1. I much prefer the old dashboard and instrument panel. The new one looks more generic. I see they haven't even bothered changing the door panels.

  2. Later, a second variant with a 60-kWh battery pack, called "e-Plus," will offer an expected 225 miles of range.

  3. Much nicer looking than the Bolt and cheaper. The range may be less but I am doubtful most people need 150 miles of range daily anyway. I would definitely consider one.

  4. It looks more mainstream. For what it is, I like it. Now let's wait for the one with 230 plus range. That will be a hit.

  5. High tech, good looking, affordable, efficient, futuristic car….

    follow rear door handle up to window curve and notice a similar but different curvature to the lower glass.
    I discussed the car with Nissan executives and was told its all new, and very little is carried over. I think she said it was 85% new

  6. Looks to me pretty different even if some panels/window shapes might be same. Certainly tech is new. Range improved although still behind competition. I think best selling point is value since it can't compete on range (until tax rebates run out soon that is).

  7. The "regular" E setting on the current Leaf is mostly useless. Except on the freeway.
    The total lack of power (it actually also makes the accelerator pedal harder to press!) is dangerous.
    I cannot imagine an "E-Plus" setting with even less power….

    This is a weird/artificial way to boost range numbers..

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