2018 Aston Martin DB11 Volante

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Of course, the latest Aston Martin convertible is a stunning looking car.
From every angle. A classy and futuristic design. A true 21st Century Aston Martin.
This is quite amazing…

As it should be. For the $216 000 price. Or about $17 000 more than the hard top.
For that price you get the new AMG V8 turbo with 510HP (Not the V12)
Which should be more than enough…

I only wish they had found a way to incorporate the screen better. That “lazy design” stuck-on “after market looking” tablet thing is out of place in a car of that stature and price.
I mean really…

Look at what Bentley did with the latest Continental GT. A genius idea.

As a matter of fact, this might be the reason for me to pick the next Bentley convertible over this as my next summer car….

What do you think?

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  1. Looking at Bentley's website the Continental GT hardtop has the nice wide screen integrated at the top of the dash. The convertible has the smaller screen below the vents.

  2. That's because the coupe is the all new model. The convertible is still the "old" design, previous generation.
    The new design convertible should be out very soon…

  3. This is stunning. With this hardtop, it was a bit overdesigned and awkward. But this solves that problem.

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