2018 Infiniti QX80

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This is the first official teaser of the “new” 2018 Infiniti QX80.
Which will not really be a new one. 
Here is last year’s concept, which was a new design. Like a slightly sleeker version of the current one.
Which dates back from 2010 (!)
At least the production teaser shows something a little bit less vulgar. 

 And here is the real thing…

As you can see on these pictures, the “new” QX80 for 2018 will only have a new front end. And some new lights and bumper in the back.
And, who knows, maybe a revised interior.
But, after 8 years, that’s all we’ll be getting.

This will now have to do battle with the “really all new” Lincoln Navigator. As well as an all new Cadillac Escalade in a year or so.
(I guess they make so much profit on each unit, they don’t really care how many they sell???)

Good luck to them…

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  1. The real next generation QX80, Armada, and Patrol are on schedule for 2021, which will be the basis pf Mitsubishi's new flagship SUV.

    This is a stop-gap measure, as the next generation architecture models are getting their final designs approved and locked-in, for prod. engineering.

    The updated Patrol is due for reveal any minute now. Armada is for 2019.5.

    Thanks Vince for doing a great job, on covering these changes in the meantime. Budget for the next set, is much more than half billion spent on the Y62.

  2. Wait, I'm slightly confused. Let me see if I've got this straight… the true next gen models aren't coming until 2021 (as 2022 models??). The QX80 gets a stop gap update (what we are seeing in this post) for 2018. The Patrol will be updated shortly after the QX so I'm assuming also for 2018 and the Armada will be last with this stop gap update in 2019 as a 2019.5 model….is that right? Also Mitsubishi is getting a version of this as it's flagship??? Interesting. Thanks for the great info. Do you happen to know anything about the next gen Pathfinder/QX 60 as well?

    On a side note, I'm not a fan of the half model year thing. I can't pin point exactly what I don't like about, it just seems wrong to me.

  3. I just cannot get past that it still has and always has looked and reminded me of a very large coffin.

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