2018 Jeep Yuntu?

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 This looks a lot like the Jeep Yuntu Concept shown at a Chinese Auto show a few months ago.

It is supposed to be a 3 row SUV. And only for the Chinese market.
Of course. They always say that at first.

I bet everyone is waiting to see how well the Chinese built 2019 Ford Focus will be received in the US.
If it works out, Jeep (and all others) will start selling Chinese made cars here in larger numbers.
(So far only some Volvos and the Buick Envison are Chinese made cars sold here. Nothing in huge numbers)
And I bet the Yuntu (Or whatever they will call it over here) will be coming over pronto.
 US market for a 3 row Jeep SUV should be pretty large right now.

As a reminder, here is the Yuntu Concept.
Sitting there, begging for a production version….

Head over HERE for all pictures of the prototype. 

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