2018 Range Rover

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 Minute changes outside for the big range Rover.
At least they didn’t ruin it. (2018 model in blue)
But nobody will ever really be able to tell this is the new 2018…

Same thing inside. (2018 on top)
Where it now gets that double screen set up, similar to the new Velar.

For 2018, an all new Plug-in model is available. With about 31 miles of EV range.

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  1. I don't get the hockey stick on the lower sides. BMW also started doing the exact same silver hockey stick one the side with the new 7s. Are the designers from the two companies smoking something together regularly after work?

  2. The hockey stick exists at the 2017 model year also.The difference is 2018's hockey stick is painted in silver.What a change!

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