2018 Toyota Century

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The super old fashion Century has been Toyota’s flagship model since 1967.
Mostly used by company executives of government members. Kind of like a Japanese “Super Town Car”.
And there is a new one for 2018. Still looking old fashion.
I guess that’s what people like in this car.
All the way down to the old timey interior and velours seats (!)
The new model ditches the V12 for a Hybrid V8. 
And things are probably mostly related to the new Lexus LS underneath.
Not for us, but kind of fun, in a weird way…

Here is the previous model.
Produced from 1997 to 2016. That’s right, 19 years…

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  1. I have been driven in a Crown before without being a goverment offical, and loved it. Yes, the styling caters to 75 years olds but Japan does have the oldest living population that dwafts their youngest one. So a design like this work for the Japanese.

  2. This may be the only luxury vehicle that has plush upholstery versus hot/cold leather. Good for them for not changing.

  3. This honestly looks pretty good, certainly cleaner and less gaudy than the new Rolls Phantom.. too bad Lincoln couldn't have taken some cues from this that also happened to be on their Continental concept (like the full lower-body steel/chrome cladding, for example) and made them work on the production Continental.

  4. I wish high quality cloth based interiors were more common. Not too cold in winder. Not too hot in summer. Grips you in place during hard cornering. Breathes well on your skin. The European "leatherette" — better known as vinyl—- is not really that comfortable to me.

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