2018/19 Mercedes B-Class

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 I almost forgot about the B-Class.
Of course, with an all new A-Class hatchback and sedan coming out very soon, the new B-Class won’t be far behind.

The current model is so ugly that anything will be an improvement.
The B-Class has never been sold in the US, except for the EV version.
Which was received with mostly terrible reviews in the US. And sold pretty poorly.
Their best year in the US was 2015, with 1905 units (!) Which went down to 632 last year.

So, not Mercedes’s best effort…

As a reminder, here is the current B-Class.
At least the new one got rid of that horrible side line that move up all the way to the rear lights.
One of these “what were they thinking” design moment. 
A typical designer brain fart…

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  1. Pity the poor designer of the current B-Class…. I don't blame him… or more realistically, "them". I am sure the current B-Class started with a fine sketch, with that hockey stick shaped crease as an essential element… the executives fell in love with it…. The specifications changed, the engineering and cost cutting ensued… Another design emerged that really had no use for that hockey stick crease…. Alas, the executives refused to let it go. "Ve must haf zat hockey stick crease!". I'm sure the designer hung his head in shame as the car toodled on into production, looking entirely unacceptable….

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