2019 Audi A7 Vs. 2018 BMW 6 series GT. Or why BMW sucks at hatchback design…

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 I mean just look at these two together.

The new BMW 6 series GT (Hatchback) and the 2019 Audi A7.
None of them futuristic, (Like the old Rover 3500 was in the 70’s). But still.
BMW should really be ashamed.
They just cannot seem to be able to design a decent looking 4 door hatchback . Why???
What is wrong with this company?

While the new A7 isn’t the best looking car ever, the difference with the new 6 series GT is quite amazing. And that’s BMW’s second try at it!

And look at these:

More 4 door hatchbacks!
It seems that everyone except BMW can design a good looking 4 door car with a hatch these days.

(I must say, I really cannot wait to see that Kia Stinger in the flesh. As most pictures make it look quite amazing)

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  1. The 4-series hatch is pretty attractive. The 5/6 series GT is meant to be about 7-series space in a smaller package. It does that, and doesn't need to look svelte. It's not competing with the A7.

  2. Agree but 4 Gran Coupe at least looks good and also upcoming 2gc seems will be ok (still prefer the A5 Sportback design).

  3. You're comparing the wrong models. BMW has 4-door coupes with hatches: the 4 series gran coupe and 6 series gran coupe.

  4. BMWs are basically butt-ugly low quality turds that sell on name only.
    They are basically tier 1 Buicks, but without the innovation.

  5. In general I agree that the BMW is not as elegantly design as the Audi. In fact its probably one of the industry's worst fast back designs with its awkward proportions and vertical stance. With that said, the 6 series GT does not compete directly with the A7. If anything, it is the BMW 6 series GC (Gran Coupe) that does. I bet you you were probably thinking of that car. The GC is a much better looking car since the stance is not as vertical and has a wider, coupe like appearance similar to the 6 series coupe. So ultimately comparing the two, the A7 IMO still wins out with its more masculine, modern design. Best Audi car in a long time. Ultimately, however, its cousin the Panamera is the best looking of the bunch.

  6. Ok.

    Technically, they are called 5 door hatchbacks, not 4 door hatchbacks. The hatchback counts as a 5th door…

  7. The GT is a messy combination of a BMW X5 and a 6 series. Most BMWs are great looking. And they certainly know how to do a 5 door coupe… Just look at the 4 Series Gran Coupe

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