2019 Audi Q3

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I do like this. Although this is just an illustration and not the real thing.
A nice take on the Q3. 

Here is the real thing, testing around.
It might actually end up looking more like a larger Q2 than a smaller Q5. With would be a good thing since the cute Q2 looks really good in real life.

Head over HERE for more pictures of the real 2019 Audi Q3

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  1. I actually like that rendering better than any current Audi design.. this one seems to have a little bit of its own personality, which will likely eventually be cloned across the entire lineup. And I'm glad that this will be about the same size as the SWB Tiguan we can't get here.. nice that Audi's 5 or 6 SUVs will now be differentiated across the board from VW's 2 or 3.

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