2019 Mid Engine Chevrolet Corvette

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The one thing I really miss about current Corvettes are the round tail lights.
I actually think it should be something all Chevy cars should have.
One of the few deign cues that would link the current model to their history.
But no…

This is the rear of the upcoming mid engine Corvette for 2019. And these look more like what we see on the current Camaro.

What do you think???

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  1. At one time Chevy spoke of thier 'heritage design'. I never really saw what that design was. In the old days I recall the sets of rear lights ( round, oval or square ) as a design theme that carried through several models and years. Biscayne and BelAir had two sets of 2 ( rear ) talights; Impala and Caprice had 2 sets of 3 ( rear ) tail lights. There was a short time, not too long ago when Chevy tried to unify it's design aesthetic wtht a large grillopening in front with a horizontal bar across at about 60-70% up with the bowtie in the middle. This could have been a real unifying and heritage design for years. Instead they have now opted for some kind of large lower grill and a somewhat smaller sliver of a similar grill above that. It looks dijointed and ugly and it is certainy not a united design theme. The rear lights on the new Corvette are an abomination of design seemingly place by Zoro and sadly not Zora. Ford on the other hand, while still trying to come up with a rear design asthetic that reveals more that a squash and slice of the hind quarters technique has at least done incredibly well at having a unified and clean design asthetic for the front end of their cars and truck lines. Kudo's to Ford design.

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