2019 Nissan Altima

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This will probably be introduced for the Detroit Auto show in January. Since it has been testing for a while and seems ready to go.
I am sure Nissan is also eager to compete with the all new Camry and Accord.
(And an all new Passat due out in 2019)
It does look a bit more like the Maxima than the current Altima.
But also, a lot like the V-Motion concept we saw a while ago. Which is great.

This is the really good looking V-Motion concept. Which his basically a preview of the next Altima.
As you can see from the spy shots above, the production design already looks pretty close.

An Altima looking almost like this would be a much better  design than the new Accord and Camry.
Both of these cars are trying way to hard to stand out from their previous generations.

Something close to the V-Motion would just be a great, well proportioned modern designed.

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  1. Where does this place the Maxima? Also, the Versa and Sentra need to be more compeitive to the Civic line up Those 2 models seem neglected and invisable to consumers when shopping.

  2. Do I see ORANGE in the tail lights? I hope not because that would ruin the car…. On the other hand Anonymoys 5:50 PM, I agree that Nissan has to do something about the Sentra to make it more competitive but the Versa, as ugly as it is, is the best seller in its class (somehow)….

  3. I look at the spy shots and I see Nissan's typical big slab sides, so not much like the concept… The only similarity I can see here is the shape of the trunk lid and the taillights, and as Anon 7:29 PM said, they look run-of-the-mill tricolor instead of red LED, so even the appeal of that is in doubt.

  4. They will at least need a real hybrid to compete with the likes of Camry and Accord. Leather and sunroofs alone just don't cut it anymore.

  5. Vince, when you posted the first spy shots back in the summer, a supposed "insider" posted in the comments that this wouldn't go on sale until fall 2018. I disagreed with that and felt this would be on sale much sooner in order to compete with the new Accord and Camry, both on sale now. If they introduce this at Detroit in Janaury as you say, I can see them putting it on sale in spring 2018(April/May) as a 2019. If they wait until NY Auto Show in early April, then I think the supposed "insider" was right and it won't be on sale until the fall.

    Also to anonymous about the orange tail lights… really? This one little detail is going to ruin the car??? I'm sorry but no, that's not going to happen.

  6. Anonymous 5:55 PM you are right, I exaggerated, it won't ruin the design but I believe that using only red and white will make it look much better. Orange is so 90's….

  7. This will continue to be a "sub prime" car. Nissan will purposely keep it lousy to keep plenty of room between the Maxima.

  8. I think the orange color in the tail lights is part of the camouflage. Since the Altima isn't sold in Europe, using orange wouldn't make any sense.

  9. I guess Nissan’s ugly and poorly executed floating roof treatment will eventually permeate the entire Nissan lineup. I will be so happy when this stupid design element falls out of vogue. Ugh! It’s not interesting, it’s hideous!

  10. Couple of things:

    Vince.. I don't think the orange tail light is part of the camouflage. Take a look at the close up shots of the rear from the August spy shots and you'll clearly see the orange tail light. Even in these new photos you can clearly see the orange is there. I personally don't see what the big deal is and I'm sure it'll look fine. I also wouldn't be shocked if the car started with the orange and ended up changing to red with a refresh.

    To anonymous about the floating roof… I disagree about it being ugly and poorly executed. I think Nissan has done well with it compared to other car makers. Ugly is the dumb split head lights on the Juke (and Jeep Cherokee). Now THAT is a design trend I will be happy to see go away. Thankfully the Jeep is fixing that with a refresh and rumor has it the Juke is going away and will be replaced with the Kicks which has normal headlights.

  11. You are right . I don't know why orange lights would be bad. (that's even weird to hate it that much)

    And I do think the floating roof looks great on the Maxima. I really think it works fine on that car.
    Incidentally, I do love the Maxima. A great driving car that most people don't think about.
    A much nicer car than the Altima once you drive it.

  12. I'm not understanding the hatred for the amber (orange). It's a turn signal. It's supposed to be noticeable. It's supposed to stand out. If it's amber in the front, it should be amber in the back, otherwise more red that could be mistaken for brake lights, etc. I'm for amber all the way. What doesn't make sense is that they could go with a red covering and have the light be amber. It's been done in Europe for decades. The early 2000s Mercedes CLK did just that.

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