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 This is amazingly close to the Volvo Coupe concept we saw back in 2013.
Also amazing they will actually build  a brand new coupe, in our current SUV crazy world.
So great news.

The Polestar One is some super high performance car. With a total of 600HP.
And an EV range of 93 miles.
That makes it the longest range of any plug in car. Which is great.

But Polestar plans only 500 units a year.
So this is basically a car for journalists to review. No one (or almost no one) will actually buy one.

The big news here is that Volvo will get a regular version of this car. Since there is no way they are spending huge amount of cash designing a brand new coupe for 500 units a year.
Plus, it looks 100% like a Volvo.

So basically we are looking at a coupe version of the gorgeous S90 sedan.
One that will compete with anything from the 4 series, A5 , C-Class and E-Class coupes.

If they can retain that 93 miles range for the Volvo plug in version (or close) this will be a great advantage over the competition.
As for Polestar, they are already planing Polestart 2 and Polestar 3. Both models will be 100% electric.
And both will start production in 2019 in a brand new Chinese factory.

If you like what you see, you can order it starting today.
The new factory will open in a few months. So cars should be delivered in 2018.

As suspected, the Polestar One (picture on top) almost has the exact same interior as the S90.
Which is great.

And here is what I had on this site a while ago. Predicting an eventual C90, coupe version of the S90.
Looks like the real thing went in an even sportier direction.
Even closer to the original Coupe concept.

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