Another Volvo Polestar Coupe teaser

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From this teaser, it looks like it will be called “Polestar One”.
And why not…

I still don’t think Volvo will give (or even has the budget to do so) the Polestar sub brand it’s very own designs.
So this would actually be a sportier “Polestar” version of an upcoming Volvo Coupe. Probably based on the upcoming new S60 sedan. Or the smaller S40.
Volvo did trademarked the name “S50” earlier this year. But also “C40” and “C60” back in 2015.
(I guess they just want to cover all their bases. It doesn’t necessarily means there will be 3 new models.)

I actually can’t wait to see this. A new Volvo coupe is really something to celebrate…

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  1. I am pretty much shocked that Volvo/Polestar allowed this "teaser" to go public with such a misaligned deck lid-tail light. I can buy a KIA for under $14K with better matching lines. Quite embarrassing, to say the very least!

  2. OOps, not a mis-alignment but digital augmentation by Vince copying the image for his site. Sorry didn't mean to blame Volvo-Polestar. Burlapp mucked it up.

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