Lexus LS+ Concept (???)

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 This is the weirdest idea for a concept ever.
The all new Lexus LS is barely out, and Lexus is showing what a 2020 model could look like. Why???

The above picture is the current 2018 model which is all new.
You can see the concept is a bit different looking, but not much.
So it’s probably a preview of the 2020 facelift. Not sure why they would show that now??

Here is some of the official “PR BS”:
–  “The Lexus LS+ Concept suggests the future look of the LS.”
–  ” The LS+ Concept produces a dignified expression as a flagship and indicates the direction of the next generation Lexus design”.
Which is the exact same as now!

I bet dealers are happy. Showing the “next generation” at the same time as the current model is just reaching showrooms.

I don’t get it…

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  1. It also won't help Lexus dealers much that the rear 3/4 view of the all-new $75K LS looks almost exactly like a $25K Camry.

  2. Looks like someone was pissed their concept didn't see the light of day before the production model appeared. There is nothing "+" about this, unless this is to be a LWB version.

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