New Toyota JPN taxi

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I don’t know anything about taxi requirements in japan. But it looks like Toyota wants to sell a bunch of these especially made models.
Just like Nissan was trying to push a weird version of their NV200 Van in New York a while ago.

This one looks 100% designed for taxi duty.

It has a really weird, almost endearing, 1990s vibe to it.
Especially inside where it looks like a mix of 90’s Toyota interiors and Syd Mead designs for Blade Runner.

It is strangely retro…

And by the way, what ever happened to that Nissan one???

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  1. These would be great here in the US! Compared to the NV200's 24mpg, this vehicle should get double that, it's basically a Prius with passenger space, it would be a Win Win for Taxi owners and passengers.

  2. Might be good but I would prefer riding a passengers van like some Transit Connect than looking at this Toyota.

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