New Zagato shooting brake based on the Aston Martin Vanquish

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 This looks pretty great.
Especially for a Zagato design. Since over decades now, Zagato has produced many horrific designs based on otherwise great looking cars.

 The shooting brake joins the Coupe, Speedster and Volante versions. All based on the Aston Martin Vanquish.
Zagato will produce 99 units of the two door wagon.
No prices yet, but since the “regular” Vanquish starts at almost $300 000, s these will be quite pricey.

Also, there is an all new 2019 Vanquish around the corner (HERE)
So basically, this is already based on an almost discontinued model…

Here are just a few of the atrocious designs from Zagarto over the years.
Their ways to ruin a Ferrari, AstonMartin and even a Mustang!
I do love Italian designs. But Zagato has to be an exception.

(Although the new Vanquished based models pictured above all look great)

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