Polestar One Vs. Volvo Concept Coupe

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This is how close the production design is from the 2013 Concept.
the production Polestar One is at the black car above.

This is really one of the best transition ever from concept to production I have ever seen.
Great job from Volvo.

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  1. The new car is much worse than the concept… The rear part looks like an AMC Concord coupe, you just have to ad a vinyl Landau finish in the top… Look at these horrific tail lamps… and the door of the real car looks like a Mustang door, and it's supposed to feel luxurious? The concept was much more gracious.

  2. The production profile resembles a Mustang just a bit too much. The concept comes off as a bit longer and more graceful.

  3. I think the production car is better. I like the mirror better and the taillight treatment is more original.

  4. It just shows that there should be no excuse when Hyundai or German premium car makers dumb down their concepts totally by the time they reach production…

  5. So do we think that the "personal coupe" market is going to make a comeback? This is very nice, but no better or worse than the small handful of coupes on the market already.

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