Really interesting video about the 2018 Accord and Camry

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I used to post link to these videos years ago.

And made fun of the host.  I even had a nickname for him…(Chubby Nerd)

Which I kind of feel bad about now.

Not sure this is the same person. Or the chubby is gone.

I really like videos like this, where they actually look at what potential buyers are interested in.

Room, plastic quality etc… Not pure speed or handling on a racetrack.

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  1. Dude, have you seen your own photo avatars on your various media sites? Not much ground to stand on as far as appearance goes.

  2. Yeah, he was and is baby face and lost the chubiness some time ago. But, he is a hell of a reporter and speaks much much better than you can write Vince. Now back to the video. The Accord rocks. He did not want to burn bridges and gave the nod to Honda for technology, but, let’s face it it is a better car.

  3. On your best day, you'll never be as good as the guy in the video. He consistently manages to discuss what's important without resorting to the emotional insults and negativity you seem incapable of leaving out, as you've shown once again with this very entry.

  4. Attacks based on personal appearance are petty. Perhaps you've just been jealous of the fact this guy works for a reputable website and has high quality videos compared to your "Burlapp vision" that most could make with basic video editing software?

  5. The Camry still sucks. The design is messy and trashy. They "swung for the fences," and missed badly. The Accord is fine. Nothing special to look at, but I'd rather own it any day.

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