Stupid Marchionne does it again…

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We have had a few great, forward thinking car news this week.
Especially from GM . Announcing the development of over 20 new EVs within the next 5 years.
And at Ford, the creation of a special task force to create more EVs.

This was on top of previous announcements from Toyota (Who is even working on an all new type of batteries)
A new Nissan Leaf etc… new EV concepts from VW, BMW  and Mercedes.
Basically, everyone in the industry recognizes that, for better or worse, electric cars are here to stay.
And they are the future. Or at least, a big part of it.

Everyone except Sergio Marchionne that is.
The Chrysler/Fiat killer said a few days ago that “electrification is not the answer”.
And he also complained again (as he first did a few years ago when the car came out) about “loosing about $20 000 on each Fiat 500 EV” they make.

What a way to make sure the company stays behind.
But at the same time he claims his biggest fear is that “we will be left behind”. (!!!)
So basically he is pushing the whole company in the direction of his “biggest fear”.

This is on top of not getting any new models for Dodge and Chrysler. (Except the Minivan)
Supposedly having “secret dealer meetings” with amazing prototypes of upcoming super cool stuff.
But nothing ever materialized .
Basically tricking dealers into not jumping ship. While all he is doing is looking for someone to buy the company. Anyone.
Making sure it still worth something by pouring everything into “money making” Jeep…
(Talk about short term vision…)

I have written about this before. Chrysler and Fiat are historical brands that deserve a chance.
( And I am not even mentioning Dodge and Lancia)

This is really too bad this accountant is now running a car company. It is really the worst case scenario for a struggling brand like Chrysler.

What do you think?

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  1. I remember when we thought the Cerberus days were bad….all they did was make product stale by removing a few light bulbs. Meanwhile Sergio has created a dumpster fire. Two NEW cars were cut under his watch, meanwhile using various HEMIs and a couple FIATs as a distraction. Just wait. The Giulia will be declared a failure and he will claim Americans have no taste.

  2. I agree 100%.
    And of course he will blame someone else for any failure. Like blaming the designers for the Chrysler 200 slow sales…

  3. commenters who criticized your grammar and spelling over the years can eat shit now after this post

  4. Electric cars are overhyped. They still use 1991 Japanese battery technology. They are less than 1% of US car sales and, if for some reason there is a ramp up in sales, there is simply no credible infrstructure or electric grid capacity to handle a great number of them. So, it is more “me too” mentality from car makers so that they can steal the spotlight from Tesla. Hybrids are a much better market, as long as they move away from weird designs, no resistance tires, mediocre handling, grabby brakes, and all in the name of maximizing MPG. Lately Honda and Toyota seem to get it with the Camry and Accord. Electric cars will be the way to go, when they finally develop solar cells that harness the sun or cells that harness electromagnetic waves from the air. Not exactly around the corner technology. The question is why people still buy Chrysler products.

  5. Electric cars could become more mainstream but it will take a huge leap in battery technology and charging infrastructure to get us there. The car companies should focus on that first and then add models once it happens.

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