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We all new it was coming since they released a teaser picture a few months ago. So here it is, the Tesla semi-truck.

– Is there that much money to be made in the semi-truck business?
– Don’t they have enough on their hands with the Model 3 production?
– Shouldn’t they spend their money into new cars, like the Model Y and the Roadster?
– How about a new Model S someday?

I don’t really get it… Why not a Tesla plane, or a Tesla washing machine next.

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  1. Here 2 big reasons for Elon's foray into big trucks:
    1. Automated delivery trucks will probably be the biggest market for self-driving vehicles.
    2. There are huge efficiencies yet to be realized in electric vehicle design for trucks, and engineering one from scratch is much better than using an existing chassis.

    My guess is that not-ready-for-prime-time self driving technology will lead us to driverless trucks being driven by remote control from windowless computer filled rooms… (just like typical customer service set-ups)
    And the shortages in electric power grid and battery raw materials will lead us to gas powered generators in the semi trailers, for each long distance haul.

  2. Why? Because they're a business and they can spend their money on what they want…whether you like it or not.

  3. Maybe (beyond the reasons mentioned above) there is a bitter irony delivering electric cars on ICE trucks?

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