Toyota Fielder Wagon

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This is not a new car. Just something we are not getting here.
The Fielder is the wagon version of the Japanese Corolla.

I just think it looks nice, in a quiet way. With more wagons being sold in the US, like the VW Sportwagen or Subarus, I wonder if there will be enough of a market for Toyota to bring back the Corolla wagon.
The Corolla is due for an all new model sometime at the end of next year.
I think it would be just fine to again offer inexpensive wagons over here.

What do you think?

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  1. Oh, the Corolla Fielder! The last days I've been considering buying one of those. Not seriously considering though, since it would be too expensive to import such a car to Europe from Japan or from New Zealand.

    Some versions of the Corolla Fielder has 4WD, and some are hybrids with a fuel consumption of only 3 l/100km. Unfortunately there are no 4WD hybrids.

  2. The Auris (Corolla iM) is offered as a wagon in Europe, it's built in the UK and you can even get it as a Hybrid – they should import that rather than the dated looking Japanese model.

  3. Toyota already offers the iM wagon based on the Corolla in the US. They need to offer a hybrid version of it like they have in Europe (Auris). Also bring the Avensis hybrid here as well. These are the cars that Americans would buy over the absurd looking Prius. Leave the origami designs for the Japanese market since that is the only place they are well received.

  4. I think you must have a fetish for wagons. Read your audience Vince. Take a poll who likes to drive around.

  5. Looks great, practical alternative to an small SUV, I would consider it. Nice size for a small family or single person! The Corolla has had nice little wagons available here over the years, much nicer then the Corolla IM!

  6. hey sell them in New Zealand as the corolla wagon. it isn't be best looking car to be honest but they are still popular with fleets for small businesses.

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