Volvo Polestar coupe coming up.

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Volvo had announced earlier that Polestar will become their performance brand.
And the first model is coming up soon. Previewed in the above teaser.
Looking very much like a Volvo. Most people agree it might be some sort of a coupe.
Some even say it is based on the S60. Probably the next S60 sedan coming out in 2018.
So this will basically be a sport version of an S60 coupe.
I don’t think Polestar would have a unique model. So it looks like they might show us the sporty Polestar version of the S60 coupe first.
Which is fine. It’s nice to see a new coupe in Volvo’s line up.
This is the 2013 Coupe concept. Still looking quite amazing. 
Let’s hope the new Polestar/S60 coupe stars as close as possible to this.

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