VW’s new amazing warranty

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VW just announced that every 2018 model will get the new 6 year/72 000 miles bumper to bumper warranty. (Except for the E-Golf, with keeps a 3 year/36 000 miles coverage)
Which was previously only offered with the new Tiguan and Atlas SUVs.

That is a pretty gutsy move from VW.
I think this will surely help sales. Like it probably did for Hyundai/Kia when they announced their 5 year coverage a few years ago.

What do you think?
Would this make you get a VW?

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  1. Good move for VW. Audis also? I used to be a huge fan of VW. But there aren't any that excite me today. Today, a VW showroom is nearly as dull as Toyota's. Bring back the Scirocco. Bring back the Corrado. Bring back the bus that VW has been teasing us with since the late 90s. How about a Carman Ghia as the poor man's Boxter? A warranty will help. But offering better cars would also help.

  2. Definitely one of the right step to boost sales in the U.S. from VW. Many dealerships however, will usually stall on the 6 year/72 000 miles bumper to bumper warrandy repairs. I knew when my cars were under new car warranty they do not notice needed repairs unless you get your car check at an independent auto/repair service center before going to the dealership. Warranty repair is a breakeven for the dealership and both the service adviser and mechanic make very little on it.

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