2018 Buick Envision

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The revised 2018 model is the one on top.

As you can see, it will be getting the newer Buick grille. The one used on all their models now (Except the Cascada)
New bumpers and LED headlights.

Underneath all that there is a new 9 speed automatic. (3 more than the current one)

More changes in the back.
The hatch, lights and bumpers have all been redone. The lights now have a completely different shape.
Which seems like a  lot of work after less than 2 years on the market…

I have almost never see one of these around.
And I do think they are overpriced. Starting at around $35 000.

Which is pretty much what an Acura RDX costs. Or a Lexus NX.
These might be slightly smaller cars, but with a much better reputation.
There are still so many “younger” (under 70) people who would not consider a Buick no mater what.

I think the Envision should be priced more aggressively…

What do you think?

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  1. Not many people want a Chinese or Polish built Buick. That's why Envision and Cascadia will stay slow sellers even with a new grill design.

  2. I've seen some around but I never liked the design, I believe this is a good improvement over the "old" one. I thought these things started around $25K-$27K but if it is around $35K I would definitely not consider one. WAY overpriced.

  3. I like the changes, especially the rear. I saw one in traffic last night and was dumb founded with how basic the rear end looked. The lights themselves looked too bulky. The new one is better sculpted.

    (These street sign captchas are getting quite annoying as I'm clicking squares that have a sliver of sign and it keeps telling me try again)

  4. I see the new Encores everywhere – and I assume the new Enclave's will just just a popular, if not more so than they currently are.

    With that said, bringing the Envision in line with the clean, crisp, modern styling cues of the aforementioned are sure to help this middle child find more garages to call home.

  5. People have no clue where these cars come from. So Chinese or Polish made has zero influence on sale numbers.
    What they need is a bit of advertising.

    Most people don't even know these two cars exist…

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