2018 Buick Lacrosse Avenir

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Here are pictures of the “Avenir” package on the Buick Lacrosse. (Chinese market version pictured)
It sure looks good. But, just like the Black Label option form Lincoln, it just seems to be a bunch of new trims.
Not sure how much the Avenir option will be, but Lincoln charges about $6000 for Black Label.
Which isn’t cheap. (For something that should really be standard on that class of car…)
I am also not sure it’s such a great idea to move Buick so upmarket. And again, like it has been for decades, maybe too close to Cadillac….
I do like the current Lacrosse.  But it has not been selling in big numbers. Only about  28 000 last year. (Which compares to over 42 000 the year before. ..) While Toyota sold over 48 000 Avalons. 
Not sure a even more expensive option will help.

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  1. The current Buick Lacrosse drives well, is beautiful inside and most of outside, but the rear end is so friggin hideous! Looks like a cross between a Buick from the early 70s and someone's fat behind. I leased a 2012 Lacrosse and loved it. Was planning to lease the 2017 until I saw the back. That was a dealbreaker for me, and apparently lots of other folks, too. Buick – Are you listening? Who designed the back of the Lacrosse? A redo, please.

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