2018 Mazda 6

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The Mazda 6 is quite an amazing car.
The current generation came out in 2012. That is 5 years ago.
It was one of the best looking sedan around then, and it still is now.
They redesigned the dashboard a couple of years ago.
Now, for 2018, it gets an all new interior and a revised front end.
The big news is also the revised 2.5 Liter engine as well as an all new Turbo option.
In the past  5 years, we have seen many all new cars. Including all new versions of the Camry and Accord.
Yet, Mazda has been able to keep the Mazda 6 sedan fresh, and on top of its competition.
Which is pretty amazing.
The new interior is actually nicer than many Audi models.
This is a great car that keeps getting even better. 
Good for them!
I saw the car today, but it was surrounded by other press people. 
I will get pictures of it tomorrow. And actually get to sit in it…

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  1. Will the cylinder deactivation be available with the manual transmission? Judging from the media information, it seems the answer is no. That would be a shame.

  2. Such a shame the dealer network sucks as this would have murdered everything but the Camry and Accord.

  3. 5 years later, this is still the best looking midsize sedan. All the new designs that have come out after it have taken those cars in an uglier direction. Still, you have to think that this is the last model year for this body style before an all new car comes out.

  4. Love this sedan and Mazda in general. At least Mazda has been listening. With the upmarket interior and new turbo option, this car should please a broader market. Well done Mazda.

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