2018 Mercedes G-Class

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 We’ve all seen many, many pictures of these “Next G-Class” .
After all, it has been almost 40 years since the current one came out (!!!!!)

So yes, I would say it is time for a new one.

What we haven’t seen yet is the interior.
And here it is.

At least the dashboard.
Still looking bit trucky, as it should (At least compared to other Mercedes cars) . But I really don’t thing the vents from the E-Class coupe belong in this car. I mean, come on.
I know the G-Class has become a popular car with rich douchebags and Russian mafia types.
But I really think Mercedes should have appealed to the core 4X4 proud instead…

I think Jeep did a much better job modernizing the new Wrangler interior…
This looks pretty terrible.

What do you think?

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  1. The G Wagon is the one of the top status symbols cars of all time! Top of the line model runs $250K! I wish I had the $140K to buy one and become one of the rich douchebags and Russian mafia types!

    The new G Wagon will be all modernized and should be even better for the rich douchebags and Russian mafia types to drive around in and look like their images!

  2. Vince, you are criticizing all sorts of car designs and all you say is that this stupid looking box for the new rich needs a new design? What’s the point of this box that you do not get in any other SUV? The price and the badge?

  3. It's not the same vehicle from 1979, as that was the W460. W463 is only 27 years old. Can't understand why so many people assume similar design equals never redesigned.

    The W463 was akin to the 964 or 993 Porsche 911 as against the original W460 of 1979. It's not almost 40 years old.

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