2019 Ford Focus

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The top pic is obviously the new one. But I also posted a photo of the current Ford Focus
Just to see the differences .
General roportions are not that different. ( I think it is still based on the same platform, just like the new Fiesta)
And from that picture at least, I am not sure it looks than much better or more modern.
I think the current Focus design has aged really well.
I am not sure the next one will be a giant improvement.
But who knows. The weird wrap on the car still makes it hard to see the finish product.
Same thing happened with the Fiesta. The new (Europe only now) 2018 model isn’t than much nicer than the one we still have over here.
Head over HERE for lots of great pictures of the next Focus hatchback.
And, as a reminder. All of the ones sold in the US will be imported from China.

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  1. Looks a bit like the old Saturn/Opel Astra. Ford seems to be following the mistakes of Hyundai/Kia in making the follow up generation of a successful styling wave more conservative, but they're doing it on an even longer product cycle.

  2. I wonder how much affect "Made In China" will have on this model. Vince, is Buick having any issues with it's Chinese Envision? Do buyers even care or know where their car is made anymore? Hopefully Ford atleast keeps making fun to drive "euro" vehicles.

  3. I think people don't care actually.

    Expensive items like high end phones have been made in China for years. Decades ago "Cheap crap" was used to describe what was later known as "Made in Japan"…

    I have not heard of problems with the Envision. It even has great crash tests results (https://www.autoblog.com/buy/2017-Buick-Envision/safety-ratings/)

    So I actually don't think it will matter. Unless some press outlets make a huge deal about it when the car comes out. But the auto press is pretty much "owned" by the car makers anyway…

  4. The new Focus may use the same platform, but it is very different. The window belt line looks lower, the rear quarter window has been integrated into the rear doors, and the gas door seems to have been moved to the driver's side. The image of the current Focus you used has been flipped. The current Focus has the gas door on the passenger side right under the taillights.

    It is unfortunate that the interior spy shots show the same ugly tablet style touch screen as the new Fiesta and Ecosport.

  5. Vince, you said it. The current design has aged VERY well. This one is different, for the sake of being different. However, I hear it is much more roomy than before, as the rear passenger space with one of the current model's weakpoints. I know rear passenger ingress and egress will be much better. This is giving us a preview on the belt line of the 2020 Fusion (which I'm sure will also be bigger, thus killing the Taurus in the US once and for all).

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