2019 Infiniti QX50

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I am not a fan of big grilles on cars or even Crossovers, but I think this looks really good.
There is something very relaxing about it. A very calm design.
Something that doesn’t try to be overly aggressive for a change.
Same thing inside. It seems very inviting. I really like this.
I remember testing the “old” EX35 (Which became the QX50 later). And it drove great.
But that 23MPG on the freeway was just really bad for something that wasn’t very roomy to begin with.
(The QX50 was the same car with a slightly longer wheelbase.)
This 2019 model uses an all new “FWD” platform (AWD option) and engine.
It gets 268HP out of its 2.0 Liter Turbo engine. And also now has a CVT.
So no more RWD, big V6 and 7 speed auto.
But the new one is expected to get 27 MPG Combined. Which probably means over 30 on the freeway…
This should turn out to be quite popular for Infiniti. 

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  1. This thing is brilliantly gorgeous, understated but exciting. Love it, the only thing I wished would be a flat bottom steering wheel.

  2. I think Infiniti has a solid hit on its hands with this vehicle. It is engineered and designed to hit the bullseye in the segment.

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