2019 Lexus RXL

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 Apparently, Lexus dealers have been waiting for this for years. So here it is (Probably also popular in China)
It’s the same RX we have seen for years. 
Except longer. About 4 inches longer. (Is that really enough for a third row???) 
There seems to be a little more wood trim inside (?) making it look more like the previous generations.
The RX has always been a good car, but I am not a fan of the current generation design.
It’s just too much. Way too many lines going nowhere. 
I think the Lincoln MKX (Nautilus) is actually a better Lexus than the current RX.

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  1. This thing is horrible, giant whale with a tiny blow hole sunroof. Come on, even my wife's 20k Hyundai Elantra GT has a dual panel panoramic sunroof. Total fail, but sadly it will sell and Lexus has no reason to up the ante.

  2. Lexus should have christened it “ELU”, which would stand for “Extended Length Ugliness”. There is nothing attractive about it.

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