2019 Subaru Ascent teaser

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The actual production model is the teaser above.
the other one is that “fake concept” we saw exactly one year ago.
I say “fake” because it is basically the production car with small “concept” pits like smaller mirrors, bigger wheels etc…

So it took Subaru a whole year to do that.

Unlike the Outback, the Ascent will face competition from basically everyone.
Since pretty much everyone already makes a 3 row SUV. I doubt the Subaru offers anything new compared to a Honda Pilot or Mazda CX-9…

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  1. Once again you left out the part where Subaru IS going to sell a whole LOT of these things. Also you should clarify what you mean about the concept being shown "exactly a year ago". What was shown exactly a year ago at 2016 Auto show was the "Viziv-7" concept. In April of THIS year (2017) Subaru showed the "Ascent Concept" (as you have pictured) at the New York Auto Show. The "Viziv-7" last year was much more, how do I put it, concept-y in nature and didn't even have an interior. The "Ascent Concept" was as you say more of a "fake concept" and much closer to the real deal being shown next week.

  2. Yes, because car development consists entirely of finalising styling… These "it tool this long to go from concept to production" posts were never valid points and are now just lame.

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