2019 Subaru Ascent

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It looks actually better than I though. In a boring way. the character lines actually look OK to me.

Sure, it’s no Mazda CX-9, but it easily beats the Honda Pilot and the Toyota highlander in the looks department.
As well as the VW Atlas.
So I think it will do really, really well. It will attract more than the usual “Subaru crowd”.

 Inside, it basically looks like a huge Impreza. Which is OK.
Again, nothing like the gorgeous CX-9 interior. But way nicer than the Atlas.

Expect, at least on this “Touring”version, for the horrible looking fake wood trim.
It didn’t look good 20/30 years ago and it still doesn’t today.
Especially in that weirdo relish color…

 The “Touring” can have captain chairs in the back. (And the fake red plastic wood!)

 This one has a more normal bench seat.
And no wood! And it doesn’t seem to be replaced by some fake metal trim either.
Which is much nicer…

Of course you can probably sleep inside.
Which is great for camping.

Power comes from a new 2.4 Liter Turbo with 260HP ( just a tiny bit more than the CX-9)
And a CVT. No V6. 

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  1. it kinda looks like a spiffed up Outback. The interior looks very nice to my eyes. The 260 hp turbo motor should make it scoot pretty good down the highway. I have a feeling the subaru forrester will get a big refresh and upgrade in power soon as this vehicle may end up stealing away some of it's sales.

  2. Concept looked way better. This looks like a bloated Outback. But I'm not surprised from Subaru. Just another disappointing production model (Looks wise) from a great looking concept. Another thing, are all Subaru drivers around the country the same as they are in the midwest, drive 10 mph under the speed limit (with the exception of the WRX drivers)? I swear they pipe something in through the vents that causes the driver to not push down on the accelerator. Prius and minivan drivers are the same way.

  3. Hmm. Not bad, but not stunning. The back still has a small part of Tribeca left, but it's better.

  4. Not as ugly as a Honda or Toyota, not as handsome as a Mazda, Hyundai or Kia, and not as bland as a Volkswagen. It should do just fine.

  5. It is nothing groundbreaking, but it is conservatively handsome. The one element that doesn’t fit the design is the somewhat awkwardly shaped taillights. Otherwise, I think it looks fine and it appears to give Subaru a solid entry in the three row crossover segment.

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